Empathic Healing Center is open to all those in need of an alternative form of healing. Treatment is available for emotional trauma, depression, PTSD, addictions, Anxiety, RA and most mental health and physical issues.

The practice is owned and operated by Ruthie Keep, a Certified Chakra Healer, Intuitive and Empath. Ruthie uses her training and lifelong gift to promote healing and comfort to her clients in Crofton, MD, Bowie, MD and surrounding areas.

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How Does It Work?

Empathic Healing Center’s unique healing process stems from a blending of multiple spiritual gifts. As an Empath, Ruthie can feel your energies and imbalances and influence them. With Chakra Healing she can help open your Chakras and cleanse them with positive energy. And as an Intuitive, she is able to bring you insights into yourself as to what is causing the distress in your mind, body and Spirit.

These intuitive insights are what truly set Empathic Healing Center apart. Not only will you leave feeling balanced and renewed, but you will have the tools you need to remain in a state of peace and work towards  overcoming the challenge that brought you in.

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