Clearing and balancing chakras

Chakras give off a magnetic energy that can be felt. Sometimes we unknowingly shut them off. When this happens we are more prone to stress or illness. I use stones to help find areas where the chakra may have shut off and no longer produces a magnetic energy. I will  provide you  specific guidance during your Chakra Balancing to help keep them open and protected.

Energy work

When we experience emotions in our bodies we are meant to allow them to roll through us like waves. A lot of the times we harbor emotions and they can become embed in our bodies preventing us from healing and moving forward. I can find the energy blocks in your body and give insight on what I find and remove it. This is a much longer process and may require more than a single session.


I always ask that the family who would like to speak to a lost loved one invites them in their home. For example: If they lost their mother say “Mom I would really like you to be here tomorrow when we meet with Ruthie if there is a message you would like to share.” I will say a prayer and invite them as well. I will go to your home and I will say a prayer to focus and then begin the channeling process. I will usually receive messages in the form of words or pictures that I will describe to you. They will make more sense to you then they will to me.

Please ask any and all questions


Areas Served (including but not limited to): Bowie, Crofton, Gambrills, Davidsonville, Glen Burnie, College Park, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Northern VA, Frederick MD, Millersville, Annapolis