Energy Work

Work is a transfer of energy between two objects. I use a spiritual energy to communicate spirit to spirit. This is why I call it energy work.

Everything is and has energy. When we feel emotions it is a source of energy. We allow it inside our bodies. Emotions are there to bring awareness. Typically the mistake made is we hold on to emotions. We allow them to become apart of us. We hold on to memories and pains and  guilt. We don’t need to do that!  And using energy,as well as my intuition, I can help you remove these emotional blocks and help you continue to think clearly and progress to your true full potential.

What will the session be like?

When beginning the session, I will have you lie down on your back, on a table, similar to a massage table. You relax and I will first look at your chakras. I will balance them and receive information and affirmations that are specific to you in order to promote true healing.white light energy work hands - reiki

Then, I will examine the energy of your body. I will feel intuitively for the energy that is stuck and I will work with you to remove blocks, chords, hooks or anything found on the body.

Energy work takes time and can sometimes be in layers. This in depth process is sure to bring you comfort and healing.