Adolescents and Children Chakra cleansing

Hormones, growing pains, among other life stresses affect our children and cause them to be off balance.  These shifts and changes can cause terrible twos, tantrums, trouble sleeping, nightmares etc.

The chakras have keywords, elements and colors that help vibrate and open them. When they are opened there is an emotional balance, stability and awareness that is found. With that, balanced kids will sleep better, be kinder and more aware.

Adolescents, I feel their pain. It is so hard sometimes to handle school,  friends, home life and the drama that comes with all of them. Chakra balancing will help them have clarity of thought. It will stabilize emotions which will help them make better choices for their lives. They will be able to think clearly and their  emotions and rages can be healthily channeled out.

We get affected daily by negative energies and environmental toxins. Clearing this energy provides you with happiness and peace. Your child will be able to fully progress to their potential. I will also be able to pick up parental tips on how to specifically work with your child and ways to help support healthy communication and relationships.