Certified Chakra Balancing Annapolis, MD

Ruthie, a certified Chakra healer, Intuitive & Empath has become a well know practitioner in the DMV area due to her unique approach to bringing Spiritual upliftment, peace, positive balance &healing.

In our bodies, we have 7 main Chakras. These are our Spiritual Centers that share responsibility with our Mental Health for emotional & physical well being.

Why Get Your Chakras Balanced?

If you’ve ever felt “off”, fuzzy in the head or the mind, uncomfortable in the gut,such as being extra stressed or sleepy or maybe you’re low, sad, frustrated or a range of other negative emotions, this could be the result of a spiritual blockage.

Our physical well-being at times can be impacted by an imbalance in your Chakras. You may experience physical pains, headaches or digestive issues etc. Getting back in spiritual balance can help you get back to a healthy state of being.

Why Empathic Healing Center?

Ruthie’s approach not only brings your chakras back in alignment, but as an Intuitive and Empath, she can help you understand the underlining issues as well give you the necessary tools to remain in balance once you get there.

Annapolis, MD Residents looking for Chakra Balancing

To experience this unique form of Chakra Balancing, you can reach Empathic Healing Center by calling or texting (240)466-8083 or you can fill out our contact form here. We hope to join you on your healing journey  soon! Ruthie at this time is not taking one-on-one clientele at this time! Check out here Events here! OR, if you would like to join the waitlist click here!