Chakra Balancing Washington DC

Empathic Healing Center provides Chakra Balancing in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas. People from all over the DMV area come to visit us at our Crofton, MD office. Our bodies hold 7 main spiritual centers that are responsible for a range of emotions such as safety, creativity, awareness, pressence of mind and many more. These 7 centers are called our Chakras.

Ruthie, a Certified Chakra Healer in Washington, D.C., is also an Intuitive and Empath. This gives her the ability to not only bring balance to your Chakras, but she is able to figure out the actual underlining issues causing the imbalance and give you the necessary tools to help keep your spiritual centers in-line.

Why Do I need to have my Chakras Balanced?

Having a blockage in the spiritual flow in your body can cause many issues such as sleepiness, stress, groggy thought as well as certain physical symptoms. If you are finding that you have self-control issues, stress, feelings of lowness, digestive issues, etc. this could be a result of an imbalance in your Chakras.

What Can We Do To Help?

First and foremost, Ruthie will get you back in balance. During your first Chakra Balancing Consultation, Ruthie will bring you through the full range of services offered at Empathic Healing Center. She will open up your Chakras and cleanse them with positive energy. You will feel the difference like night and day, but will also be given a special understanding of your specific spiritual blockages..

Are You Looking For Chakra Balancing in Washington, D.C.?

To experience this unique form of Chakra Balancing, you can reach Empathic Healing Center by calling or texting (301) 660-2004 or you can fill out our contact form here. We hope to provide healing for you soon!